London South Bank Engagement Photography | Hayley & Giles

Hayley & Giles are a gorgeous couple. Hayley is so full of life and Giles has the BEST posh English accent I have ever heard – even I was swooning! When I met them for the first time, on the London South Bank a few weeks ago, I knew we would have an absolute blast together (that was after I got over the initial shock of looking up to a giant Giles who was almost two heads taller than me) and although it was a characteristically gloomy London day, their love for each other really heated things up nicely – passersby (mostly tourists, of course) ogled at them at every opportunity.

We found some amazing backdrops for this shoot tucked away behind buildings and down alleyways – you never know what you’ll find if you don’t stop to look around. This time we stumbled upon a giant “&” that made the perfect engagement prop! So this is for you guys, congratulations and thanks for the awesome evening!


London South Bank Engagement Photography By Jonathan David

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  • Heather K said:

    Aw, I love that third one. So cute!! Well done, these are gorgeous!

  • Paul Nguyen said:

    Great photos! What a lovely Couple!!

  • Anton Chia said:

    Love the shot of them in the leaves! Its so fun!

  • benj haisch said:

    that last location is rad. great frames throughout!

  • sachin khona said:

    The "&" shot is so frickin good
    All of them are awesome.
    Great set! Love the way you see London

  • I simply adore that black and white portrait of them under the bridge. Love it!

  • Jolynn said:

    Gorgeous couple and gorgeous photos! I loove the ampersand shot. Very cool!!

  • Amber Wilkie said:

    Oh man, I love that ampersand thing! What a cute session!

  • Priya Patel said:

    I love your style! Awesome set! That last image is amazing.

  • Jakob said:

    Solid work, man. Last spot is money.

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