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Your wedding photography is not a business transaction.


I adore everything about weddings, but most of all, I love that I get to step into your world. No two couples or weddings are the same, so I spend that little extra time to get to know you and the people & things that mean the most to you. That way, I can create & deliver photos that embody you and the love you share for each other. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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I will help your wedding day run smoothly.


My couples want a relaxed and fun wedding enjoyed by them and all their guests – but do you know what it really takes to achieve that on your wedding day? Poor planning or unrealistic timelines are just an example of common wedding-day-stress-inducers. Let’s work together to plan a wedding that flows smoothly, allows you to be present in the moment and spend precious time with your loved ones. I’ll also help you to make the most of that creamy and delicious “golden-hour” light. Not only will you enjoy your celebration more, but you’ll look absolutely breathtaking in your photos as a result.


My photographs will tell the story of your beautiful wedding day.


I want my photographs from your wedding day to transport you back to relive the warmth, excitement and genuine emotion of your wedding day, every. single. time. This means I am constantly on the hunt for the laughter, the tears, the details and the fleeting in-between moments to tell your wedding day story as candidly and as artistically as I can. My camera is always at the ready.


honest wedding photography southern highlands


I photograph the honest moments you share with your family & friends.


Let’s face it, weddings are simply huge parties. Without your friends and family, it would be one very lonely & boring party. I will photograph your wedding guests having the time of their lives, quietly shedding a tear as you say your vows, and their excitement as they celebrate with you. I will also make sure you get some photos with your pleased-as-punch parents and grandparents for them to proudly hang on their walls.


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