London Green Park Engagement Photographer | David & Gemma

London has had an incredible summer this year – yes, you heard me right – a sunny, warm, bright and spectacular summer that put Sydney’s last summer to shame. A few weeks ago, I had a chance to spend an amazing summer afternoon in London with these two gorgeous people, David & Gemma, who were married a little earlier this year. Unfortunately for them their wedding photography package did not include an engagement shoot and they never had a chance to have their own cute engagement memories captured.

So we started in London’s iconic Green Park and worked our way through the heart of the city, eventually making our way home on the London Underground. The beautiful weather dragged every Londoner out of their gloomy confides to frolick in the sun and bask in its powerful UV rays, which made it super hard to find somewhere secluded enough for us to shoot! London’s lack of beaches meant that any patch of grass, greenery or bench space was occupied by both locals and tourists as they attempted to go brown. Seriously. Bikinis and all.

That didn’t stop us from enjoying a fun afternoon in the sun together. David & Gemma tried to warn me that they weren’t the most affectionate or photogenic couple, but I think this set proves them wrong on that point. What I love most is that I have now made two amazing new friends on the other side of the world – and I’ve been trusted enough to tell their story. So here it is…


London Green Park Engagement Photographer Jonathan David

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