Alex & Duncan | Mt Washington Snow Engagement Session

Complete with snowball fights, gingerbread Christmas trees and hot chocolate, 2012 offered me something different for once – a white winter Christmas and holiday season! With Alexandra & Duncan we drove to the peak of Mount Washington on Vancouver Island, BC for this cold, yet oh so warm engagement session. The morning offered plenty of fresh snow fall, which meant that there was insane amounts of gorgeous soft snow for us to play in. Both Alex & Duncan love the snow and enjoy skiing together, so the location was the perfect choice. The love and affection between these two heated things right up and never did we stop to realise that the temperatures were well below freezing.

Alex & Duncan’s gorgeous session was featured on Style Me Pretty. Head on over here to check it out.


Photography By Jonathan David

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  • Rubén said:

    They are a perfect couple! really love them!

  • Jared Tseng said:

    What a fun session! Love the snowball fight.

  • I love the light and airy feel to these, so beautiful!

  • Leah Kua said:

    Oh my goodness! These are just exceptional. A real winter wonderland!!

  • Alyssa Schroeder said:

    Such a cozy session! I love #7. I also didn't know there was a Mt. Washington on Vancouver Island ha.

  • Mary Sylvia said:

    What an awesome idea!!! Love the snow fight, beautifully captured.

  • sarah der said:

    Oh my gosh. I am very jealous. These are ama-za-zing and ALL THAT SNOW!!!!

  • This session is ridiculously sweet. The images in the snow = so, so fun!

  • Paul Fuller said:

    What a place to shoot, you did a great job Jonathan

  • Eduardo Suastegui said:

    Lovely engagement session. I think you really captured them, and you did so expertly.

  • Christian said:

    Great session! I love the snowball fight, and the nice, clean colours. Awesome work!

  • caroline said:

    what a cute and adorable couple these two are! love the scenery too. amazing!

  • Mercedes said:

    I love this session! The snowball fight is so fun but the indoors and cozy part is beautiful, too. Lovely!

  • Kiki said:

    REALLY awesome! It's so great to see a couple in the snow shoot done well.

  • Dale Lempa said:

    Cute couple, awesome scenes and great photography! Nice work on this engagement set.

  • Dav Hughes said:

    Beautiful images! Great composition and execution.

    You've captured the magic!


  • Derek Martinez said:

    Such a gorgeous session and lovely work!!

  • JK Blackwell said:

    Oh my goodness!!! My heart skipped two beats!

  • Bart said:

    Beautiful set Jonathan!

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