Amsterdam Engagement Photographer | Justin & Sfenny

I have to admit, I was really nervous before meeting Justin & Sfenny for our shoot in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in the world after having had the opportunity to spend some time there last year. Here I was again, though this time with the added task of using the beauty of this great city as a backdrop to the story of Justin & Sfenny’s love. How would I possibly do both justice?! They were travelling up from Belgium that morning to see me, and to make my stress levels worse, the weather was so gorgeous it felt like every single local and tourist was out on the streets enjoying the sun. This made finding a good spot for our shoot insanely difficult.

My saving grace was that when they finally arrived, Justin & Sfenny were possibly the most super in love, relaxed and chilled out people I have ever had the honour of working with. We did eventually manage to find some really cute alleyways and streets and in the end we had an amazing afternoon together. Justin & Sfenny work together on a new concept introducing the traditions of a Chinese wedding to the non-Chinese speaking children of second and third generation Chinese immigrants to Holland – check them out at My Chinese Wedding¬†[Dutch]. Justin is also one of the masterminds behind the hugely popular men’s fashion website Suit Society.

Half way through our shoot, we took a drink break to get out of the heat and they introduced me to one of their favourite drinking games. It may not have been alcoholic beverages we were consuming, but nonetheless, Justin & Sfenny battled it out to determine who could take the first sip of their drink! It was so cute! To Sfenny’s visible disappointment, Justin won.

Their session was also featured on UK bridal blog, b.loved. Check it out here.

So, I’m going to stop rambling now and let the photos do the talking! This is the gorgeous lovebirds story of Justin & Sfenny by Amsterdam Engagement Photographer Jonathan David.


Amsterdam Engagement Photographer Jonathan David

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