A Rowboat Engagement | Charisse & Josh

There’s something super magical about rowing your one love down an empty stretch of river.

For a brief moment you are the only two that exist. The world around you stops and time stands still. You can hear your voice echo through the valleys, and only the trees that surround you are there to watch. Oh, and that random photographer running around at the edge of the river, sweating profusely as he tries to photograph you.

Definitely one of my most challenging, yet rewarding, afternoons – spent with Josh & Charisse as they rowed down the Hacking River. Looking forward to their wedding next weekend, which I’m told will be just as magical.


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  • Edna De Chavez Rodriguez said:

    Absolutely beautiful ... Love both of you Charice and Josh! Praying for a beautiful wedding day and a successful and happy life together ahead of you

  • Stefanie said:

    This session is amazing. beautiful light in these images

  • ayesha said:

    haha i laughed out loud at your text at the top :) this looks like fun!! i love the overhead and faraway shots - those are like a dream on this sunny, pretty day. what a beautiful set of photos!!

  • ed peers said:

    You've told a beautiful story Jonathan... great work.

  • Great storytelling. All the photos of the details and the surroundings framed the portraits very well.

  • Elissa said:

    This is beautiful. I especially love the wide shot of the scene and they're kissing in the boat. I loooove this session.

  • What fun! Beautiful photos, they really capture the energy of the day.

  • Joseph Hall said:

    Great idea - going boating! Love the photos - a lovely feel.

  • Alyssa Schroeder said:

    Oh wow, I love the shots from above with the mountains and trees in the background. Amazing session and great story.

  • Johanna said:

    Rowboats <3 This is beautiful!

  • kong wai said:

    Love them all. beautiful composition

  • Those last few shots in particular - nailed it, Jonathan! Loving those tones.

  • Great set. Love the way you have close ups of them in the boat and then follow that with a long shot. Makes the viewer think "how did he get that"

  • seth goodman said:

    What a fun session! You did a great job capturing their love.

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