The Last 12 Months // 2013

2013 has been an incredible year.
Thank you to those who opened their hearts and welcomed me into their lives,
and entrusted me with the task of telling their most precious story.

I realise now why I’ve never made one of these “Year in Review” posts before –
because it’s freaking impossible to summarise a year’s worth of new friendships; a year’s worth of laughter, love & tears; and a year’s worth of special moments into a single post. This is only a small collection of images from the awesomeness that was twenty thirteen.



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  • John Tawadros said:

    Breathtaking picks JD, just beautiful..

  • Vi Plymel said:

    OMG, these pictures are GORGEOUS!

  • Jack Chauvel said:

    Tip top year dude! All the best for 2014 :)

  • Damien Furey said:

    Awesome year mate, great post!

  • SUPERB work here, Jonathan! These kinds of posts are typically exhausting to look through (and put together, haha) but I enjoyed every moment of this one. Looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings you!

  • Kellee Walsh said:

    OMG these are amazing Jonathan! Looks like you had an incredible year. All the best for 2014!

  • Nick said:

    What a year. Love the row boat photos. The B&W of the little girl having a tiresome day was my favourite.

  • Tyler said:

    beautiful is the word that comes to mind.

  • Johanna said:

    You've had a pretty fantastic year. Bet your 2014 will be even more awesome! :)

  • caroline said:

    wow dude, such great emotions and so full of life! that one b&w image of the flower girl smushing the side of her face just kills me. adorable.

  • Becca Dilley said:

    I was going to comment on your compositions, which are purposeful without being cold, but in looking over the whole set, the thing that sticks out is the liveliness - a touch of energy and joy throughout. Nice!

  • John Bello said:

    Beautiful work in 2013! Love your compositions and anticipation for moments - superb work!

  • Jessie said:

    What an amazing year filled with so many beautiful captures!

  • JK Blackwell said:

    Can't wait t see what 2014 will be! Was awesome year altogether and great fun shooting with you on a couple of occasions.

  • Kristy said:

    Stunning work - what a great year!

  • Justin R said:

    Amazing work, Jonathan the backlit black and white shot of the couple looks so good!

  • Nessa said:

    Your year was unreal, dude. I'm swooning and so happy about this post - especially the last shot with fireworks. Ohhhh fireworks at a wedding <3

  • Joseph Hall said:

    Such warmth and originality and flare - a fantastic year - here's to a fab 2014!

  • Matt Osborne said:

    Just stumbled upon this. Nice year you had there!

  • Rich said:

    Nicely captured. Great lighting too.

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