Centennial Park Engagement Session | Tim & Laura

Tim & Laura are madly in love, and it was so much fun hanging out with them one recent evening in Centennial Park, Sydney. Laura loves everything vintage so styled her own classic retro look, complete with bright red lipstick and 1940s victory rolls. They are a passionate couple that absolutely ooze warmth and love, and they’re definitely not shy to pose for the camera either! I can’t wait to shoot their wedding this April.

Their engagement session was recently featured on British bridal blog, Bridal Musings! Check out the feature, here.


Photography By Jonathan David

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  • Lisa Hawthorne said:

    Amazing photos!

  • Dale Lempa said:

    Great, poppin' colors. Expressions are cool.

  • Centennial Parklands said:

    Nice photos Jonathan!

  • geneoh said:

    Awesome work, dude. I love your color!

  • small said:

    What a gorgeous couple! Love the photos of them in the forest, what beautiful locations!

  • Lisa said:

    Beautiful! I love the location, they are a beautiful couple, and there is such a tenderness in these photos.

  • Jessica said:

    Such, such gorgeous tones!

  • PJ said:

    they are so cute ;) great work...

  • John P said:

    Sweet and tender. Who could ask for anything more? Love.

  • Alicia Adamopoulos said:

    Beautiful! This is such a lovely shoot. They look so great together and totally in love.

  • Kelsie Taylor said:

    the colors in this session are amazing! i LOVE her dress, too.

  • Sofie Wainwright said:

    So beautiful !

  • Nora said:

    What a gorgeous shoot. Can't believe that's Centennial Park! You made it look so amazing.

  • MARK PACURA said:

    Such a lovely couple and you've managed to show it in a beautiful way. I love your colors and everything else about this session.

  • Absolutely beautiful. Love the compositions and the colors. Wonderful work.

  • Great shoot. Love the couple and location. Great exposures by you, too. Really nice.

  • This is such an incredible session! Great couple, location, beautiful light, and very well composed. Phenomenal work!

  • Jack said:

    Nice couple and love the vintage theme!

  • Mathew said:

    Beautiful session!

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