Blue Mountains Engagement Photography | Clare & Rick

There are no words to describe Clare & Rick and the amazing bond they share.
They are simply two adventurous souls embarking together on this journey we call life.


Photography By Jonathan David

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  • Pixil Studio said:

    Great use of negative space. Nice shoot

  • Matt - Live music photographer said:

    You're really good at taking landscapes!

  • Rob Dodsworth said:

    Gosh…these are stunning! I guess the light could have been better but you can't win them all ;-)

  • Damien said:

    Beautiful set mate! Spectacular lighting.

  • David Campbell said:

    Killer frames JD!

  • Heather Elizabeth said:

    Love those final shots as the sun was going down. She has such a killer smile.

  • So much sunny!! I just love the light you've captured so beautifully. Wonderful shots.

  • Justin said:

    This is a dream location for a engagement shoot! :) The couple look gorgeous too!

  • Steve Koo said:

    Gorgeous stuff, and great light!

  • naomi said:

    an incredibly beautiful session. love how clean your work is.

  • Good lawd, these are beautiful! What a location!

  • nadine said:

    that is some great light!

  • Jessie said:

    Beautiful couple, light and location!

  • Heather J said:

    Gorgeous. Sun-soaked. Romantic. Perfection.

  • Nora said:

    Truly beautiful!

  • Emily said:

    Gorgeous set. These are my faves -

  • Nikki Bezel said:

    All I can say is beautiful, really, really beautiful.

  • Cam Grove said:

    You've really made the most of the stunning location - truly beautiful and timeless work.

  • Great use of light and what a stunning location!

  • Edward said:


  • Lam said:

    Love the smiles, landscape and your vision.

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