A Vintage Airfield Biplane Engagement | Andrew & Liana

I have to admit, I had been itching for this day to finally come for a long time. For months before it Andrew had been emailing me little tid-bits of juicy information describing the engagement session he and his fiancé, Liana, were planning. A 1930s Tiger Moth airplane. Vintage suitcases. An rustic globe and old aviation textbooks. Little things that defined their cool and quirky relationship and the interests they share. It all sounded incredible!

The day didn’t disappoint! We drove to a little B&B about 1.5 hours from Sydney, The Missions 1937 at Wiseman’s Ferry. The property is situated in the heart of some of the most gorgeous valleys I’ve seen. Andrew & Liana looked the part, their love for retro cool fashion undeniably evident! So much so that Andrew’s fashion style has been featured over on the Well Groomed Blog. We went out, ventured the property and took some incredible photos as the sun set. Something a little bit different, but something so personal for these two adorable people.

Being a vintage-themed session meant that to keep to the old school vibe, it was the perfect opportunity to shoot some film!  I absolutely can’t wait to see how they personalise and decorate their wedding in September!


Canon 1V + Mamiya 645 / Fuji 400H / Developed & Scanned by RDFL

Photography By Jonathan David

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