Bradleys Head Wedding Photography | Danelle & Darren

When I met Danelle & Darren for coffee a short time ago, I could absolutely feel their excitement as they talked me through their wedding plans. Madly in love with each other, I could sense that we would have a lot of fun with the camera when we went out for our engagement shoot – a complimentary inclusion in all of my wedding packages. Fun is exactly what we had. Unfortunately though, the day started grey and gloomy. At 6am Danelle frantically messaged me, curious if we were to go ahead with our early-morning shoot – the rain was pouring heavily outside and the clouds looks menacing. Confident that we would still manage I told her to have faith and make the drive to Bradley’s Head. By the time we all arrived there, the skies were stunningly clear and blue. I’ll stop rambling and let the photos tell you a little about these two lovebirds and their cute story.


Photography By Jonathan David

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